KIDS ARE GROWING UP TOO FAST!!! is that good or bad

it is very interesting how cartoons have taken a more serious turn into reality now adays .. cartoons are not about a cat running after a mouse any more!! it’s awaring kids to be thinkers it gives them a better understanding about how life is and what goes on around them… lets look at SHARK TALE  it was the tiny little fish oscar who was poor and started lying and giving everything up to live in a nice house with tons of fame and bunddles of fish money heehee .. but to get that he gave up is true friends and home for all of that ofcourse at the end he learns the lesson and every one lives happily ever after…. talking about shrek now thats a cartoon to be talking about its more entertaining to adults more than kids beacuse all the stories and setup are more in adult movies than cartoons .. well this is what life has come to …. its all about speed .. I hope it just doesn’t back fire on us..


~ by maliha11 on July 21, 2007.

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