How do celebrities and models get rich??? we pay their bills

I was going through a website that i came across and there was a blog that was posted and it had only a question that was very interegging, WHY ARE SUPER MODELS highly paid??? this is how I would put it down in words.

 the reason why celebrities and all kinds of models are paid more than all of us is WE LIKE THEM we want to see them all the time, we want to know every thing about this actress that actor we want exculsive photos of where they ate what their houses look like from the inside, why did they leave their husbands or wives and whos the new one on thier plate?

It’s all created by us our affection and admaration pays those good looking and talented people’s bills. how do we make them filthy rich : by going to their movies, buying their latest album, buying the brand that they are promoting, the things they wear, they drive and every thing they do is worth a large sum of cash.


~ by maliha11 on July 24, 2007.

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