May ALLAH Forgive you. 27th July, 2007

27th July, 2007 The Red Mosque ( lal masjid) Islamabad, Pakistan. ignorant extremists attack again and stain our holy place of prayer and worship. 

I don’t believe how ignorant those people are, all of them who use our beautiful religion and country as an escape goat for their own gain and personal benefits, why create such a massacre, involve innocent children who only and only look up to these men of Islam unfortunately their Islam and their fight would lead them straight to hell. if they had a bit of knowledge they would know, that our religion is only about peace and mercy.

I am ashamed of these people only because they call them selves Muslims, they have stained and broken every rule in the Qur’aan about respecting the place of our prayers and worship, may ALLAH Subhanhe Forgive you for the sin you have committed towards your religion, your nation, your family, and the parents of those kids who send their children in your custody to make them better Muslims.
maliha siddiqui, 18, Karachi University.


~ by maliha11 on July 27, 2007.

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