Plastic!!! all the way from Karachi DHA and Clifton

If you’ve watched Lindsey Lohan’s movie MEAN GIRLS . that would show you the reality of how our genration of younger girls, who live in Clifton and DHA Karachi are, they are all very spoiled and extremeally spoiled and very few have an heart which beats with compassion, all they care about is looking HOT dating HOT looking older guys and going to parties. It’s a jungle out here, i don’t know hwta kind of social wave that’s going on here. and actually guys in karachi the upperside of the city guys from DHA and clifton love their girlfriends to be PLASTIC : a rude, HOT , attractive , PARTY GIRL, who knows how to kick girls A** , I don’t understand what has gone wrong with the youth nowadays, may god help us all.


~ by maliha11 on July 28, 2007.

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