Two weddings that say it all !!!

I recently attended a wedding at a 5 star hotel, it was very lavish and just an amazing venue and setup, the grooms mother and the brides mother were looking after the guests as if thet were Gods, during the wedding they had beautiful silverners that were given out by the boths sides of the family ( bride and groom ) they were candy wrapped in the most amazing way ever it had crystal pieces on them as well just to give it a better classy touch, around dinner time we went to the buffet area, and here comes the surprise.

there was an amazing 3 tables filled with various kinds of salads and in the middle a tower of crystals filled with shrimps ( it was a shrimp cocktail tower ) , and coming to the main course there was different kinds of thing to choose from starting from chiness, lazania, BBQ, and other things as well but what blew me away was there was a PASTA stop : ” there was a chief who u choose your pasta, the toppings, and sauce you want and she gets it ready for you in 5 minutes. .. when you come to dessert you start thinking what should i dip myself into choclate moose or have a chunk of a mesmerzing strawberry cheese cake ???

Does this wedding sound tempting let me tell you another story then …

a week back i attended a normal wedding at a army base in the open that was very simple and elegant at the same time, the both families started giving away small silveneirs that was filled with nutts and some werid candy, the families were more interested in getting into a competion with each other rather than hosting their guests the proper way, lets talk about the dinner it was 3 kinds of salads that were mostly filled with some kind of weird looking old vegs. and the main course that started with BBQ tikka and ended with Biryani, dessert you are lucky if some kulfi was left for you at the end!!!!



~ by maliha11 on July 30, 2007.

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