It’s not her fualt

This is what makes us a third world country, our personal issues are so vain and humiliating that we can never look pased them and embrace life and move on to a better tommorow… this is a story i read while surfing the net on  , i was sickend to my stomache to realize that our sociteties are still treating rape victims(women) in a brutal way, i came across a very bitter truth that can make an woman die a millions deaths for crimes they haven’t commeted and have no rights to defend or stand up for them selves.

  BAGHDAD, 2 August 2007 (IRIN) – Mother of three Um Muhammad al-Daraj, 35, recently went through a traumatic ordeal to try to save her husband’s life.

She told IRIN her husband was kidnapped by militants who had accused him of supporting the insurgents. After two days without news of her husband, Ahmed, two people came to her home and ordered her to follow them to meet her husband, who was reportedly being interrogated.

“I didn’t think twice and left my children with my neighbour. I was desperate for any news of Ahmed and they drove me to a distant neighbourhood where my husband was supposedly being held.

“After half an hour’s drive we reached [predominantly Shia] Sadr City and my legs were trembling because I know how dangerous the area is and the guys with me didn’t speak a word.

“They asked me to enter a disgusting-looking house and told me to wait. A rude man came into the room and bluntly told me that I had two choices: have sex with him and get my husband released or return to my home and never see Ahmed again.

“I was shocked and started to cry. I fell to the ground trying to kiss his feet and begged him to release my husband and not to treat me badly.

“The man told me that he would be back in 15 minutes and by that time would want to know my decision. In those minutes I hated my beauty and myself. I know that if I had been an ugly woman this wouldn’t have happened to me, but the life of my husband was in my hands.

“After 15 minutes – I was crying the whole time – the man came back and repeated the question and I didn’t have any option than to accept, in order to save Ahmed’s life, even knowing that after that they might kill us both.

“I had to forget my honour to save my husband’s life. It was the most terrible 20 minutes of my life. I just felt pain and wanted to vomit all the time. In the beginning I tried to refuse but was hit in the face and had to cry in silence, while asking God’s forgiveness.

“After that he told me to put my clothes on and the same two men drove me home, with tears streaming down my cheeks. I couldn’t look at my children because I felt dirty. I didn’t even know if my husband was going to return.

“Later that evening Ahmed appeared on the doorstep with signs of having been hit in the face, and when I went to kiss him he told me that I was dirty and that he was going to divorce me as he had been forced to watch the whole scene and preferred to be killed than see his wife sleeping with another man, even if it was to save his life.

“Two days later he left home and went to his parents’ house and said that soon I would get the divorce papers. Even now I cannot believe that losing my honour to save his life was taken by him as a betrayal.

“Now I’m alone, without a job or husband, with three children to look after. Sometimes death is the best way to end suffering.”


~ by maliha11 on August 3, 2007.

5 Responses to “It’s not her fualt”

  1. This is indeed a sad and sickening story. Unfortunately, it is replayed in one form or another all over the world, and in every culture.

    I am an American of Irish decent. In Celtic lore there is a verbal tradition that goes something along these lines: When good men fail to act only evil prospers.

    It would appear that many men are failing to act yet again.

  2. She made choice, now she has to live with the consequences of that choice. What Um Muhammad al-Daraj did was considered reprehensible in her culture and her husband disagreed with her choice to do it. “Death before Dishonor” is NOT a muslim quotation, but it applies in this case. His death before thier dishonor.

    All matters of this nature have to based within the cultural mores of the civilization they occur within. We who are not part of that civilization and do not share those mores can’t really judge the import of the actions and reactions.

    “Even now I cannot believe that losing my honour to save his life was taken by him as a betrayal.”

    In a way she did betray him. She betrayed him by not believing he would place her virtue / sanctity / whatever over his own life. I can think of few males – I won’t call them men – who would prefer to see their wives raped than to die themselves.

    The above is why attrocities like the one you posted about are so very effective. Refer back to Bosnia or Pakistan for even greater effectiveness and horror.

    Yeah, it sucks. My one lone hope is that the rapists will someday get caught by their enemies and Sharia will applied to them. Death by stoning is the prescribed punishment for rape. Muhammad – peace be upon him – had a very good idea there IMHO.

  3. They are not human…..

  4. didem86,

    What are they then? Only humans have the capacity for cruelty.

  5. they are beasts…monsters…Humanbeing has capacity of good and bad. It just depends on the education and surroundings.

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