Black Magic

a very interesting piece of work that was posted on the internet by Muhammad Dawood.

Evil or the forces of the darkness emerged with the emergence of Satan. Satan was infact a Jin and was elevated to the rank of leader of the Angels but when Allah Almighty created Adam and ordered all the Angels to bow before Adam, Satan refused. He said he was superior to Adam; hence he would not bow before Adam. He thought himself superior as he was made of fire while Adam was made of Mud. Angels are made of light and he was even leader of the Angels so he became jealous and compared himself with Adam and forgot Who gave the order. He disobeyed Allah’s Order and was deprived of all his ranks and was destined to Hell.

Satan became revenge full. He asked permission from Allah and said he would misguide humans from the right path if he was given time till the Judgement Day but he admitted he wont be able to misguide those who would be protected by Allah. He was given time and Satan started his work.

Satan has some powerful weapons with which he tries to misguide human. Among those include Magic, Unfaithful Jins, Nafs e Amara, Hamzat.

In this series we will discuss these one by one. Magic is defined as:

  1. The art that purports to control or forecast natural events, effects, or forces by invoking the supernatural.
  2. (a) The practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature.

(b) The charms, spells, and rituals so used. Black magic would be invoked to kill, injure, or cause destruction, or for personal gain.

Difference between Black and White is debatable but all forms of magic are black since it can’t bring any good. So its widely believed magic is black and is used for inflicting pain to others. Practicing magic is banned in many countries. In ancient times, kings used to have magicians with them in their courts and competitions were also held between magicians to show their skills.

We have seen movies like Hatim Tai and very famous lines like “Khul ja sim sim”. Words have powers associated with them and they act as codes. All you need to know the words. Words are repeated in a particular environment. Its like exercise which bring results after repetition. Its said that magicians read words of holy books in reverse order and by doing so they invoke forces of evil. Probably that is why they are condemned and will be given severe punishment by God.

Magicians also create dark environment to attract dark forces. They practice these things in dark rooms, with filth around. Its also said, that magicians or Amileens as they are commonly known, when are able to invoke dark forces, they do work/amal on things like locks and throw then in dark wells and filthy places after putting name of the person for whom the whole exercise is done. Mostly, the work is done either to break a marriage, bring someone’s business down, make someone fell ill and things like that only for the sake of putting evil to others and the amileens do it only for the sake of money.

Unfortunately, this thing is becoming common in Pakistan. With no check from government, these amils openly do business and erect large hoarding, claiming to provide you services if you need your beloved in your feet etc. Religious parties have never raise voice against this practice even when it’s strictly forbidden in Islam (and all other religions).

Watch any Islamic channels and you will be surprised to see, people calling from around the world in the programmes like Istikhara, asking the Maulana Sahib about their problems like continued illness, problems in marriages, tensions in families and financial problems. Mostly magic is mentioned the cause behind these problems and Maulana Sahib usually gives wazaifs with promise of unlocking the Bandish. But question is, is there anyone trying to stop these evil doers from doing this practice?

Most amileens are illiterate with no knowledge of religion and they can harm people with their practice. There is evidence of effects by Kufar to harm the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) by Magic and Allah gave the Last two Surahs of Quran to give him protection against magic and evil.

Its true that by reciting Quran Sharif and offering regular prayers, one can be saved from forces of evils but people are now vulnerable to dark forces due to present lifestyle. Its need of the time that Muslims should adopt Islamic lifestyle and also government should do something to stop people from selling evil in the markets.


~ by maliha11 on August 16, 2007.

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