the truth behind American policies …

I watched an amazing movie yesterday (lord of wars) Staring Nicholas Cage, just watch this and you’ll be shocked.


~ by maliha11 on August 16, 2007.

6 Responses to “the truth behind American policies …”

  1. I don;t pay a heed about the American Policies… but about the Movie Lord of Wars its just too awesome.;)

    From Bridget Moynahhan’s beauty to the acting of Nicolas Cage and the story of the movie…

    I loved the part where they turn the French Flag upside down and make it Dutch Flag and within seconds change the name of the Ship they are smuggling potatoes(arms) in:P

    P.S: Waisay i watched the movie cos of Bridget Moynahhan, ahh and am not a typical Pakistani though…:P

  2. cool i guess you’re not a typical Pakistani but i think you are a typical thinker!! hats off to the brainiac

  3. You blog too much:(
    although the more the better but the less it is the best it is;)

  4. i guess thats a good thing !!! i blog a lot that makes you reply me a lot lols 🙂 keep it up .. but talking about blogging a lot you write about very interesting blogs your self keep it up 🙂

  5. and you have an update waiting in the Orkut post:(]

    Powerscraps , holy shit* its not even customizable!

  6. i do realize that … but its better than nothing for you admitting your addicted to orkut your self .. don’t kill the messenger 🙂

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