That’s why Walt Diseny (is the real Santa)

disney_logo.jpg I opened my eyes to beautiful fairy tales that always made me want to fly in the air, or go live with seven dwarfs, or imagine that my mom was a step mother of mine”when she asked me to do any chore” and my brother were not really my own brother and be friends with mice and birds (not possible though coz i am actually scared of all animals :P) but lets just say that i wished i could be loved by all sorts tiny little animals that would make me pretty dress while me going to get my mom a glass of water( i never do any chores just a reminder), I also wished to be a mermaid that a pretty fish like flounder as her best friend and a crab as her guardian angel who has a song for every thing, hehehe or how about be a lion and have Timon and pumba raise me and make me eat bugs for a meal ( lets cut the bugs out πŸ˜‰ ) and sing hakuna matata for a past time, and surf the clouds on a flying carpet and gini as a flight attended, also abo as a annoying monkey, and my cute tiger as my pet, and a huge veranda where i can stare at the stars all night, and also i wished if i was a forgotten princess and i lost my memory and i will find out so many things about my past.

a person who can make a little girl have all these dreams is the true Santa, for bringing so much joy in so many children’s lives, and thank you for making my childhood so magical.


my motto through my troubles today

a song that always makes me want to dance

another treasure

i love that crab

my escape … i want to fly and dream with this song ( aren’t they soo pretty)

cute little labor

isn’t she so perfect

I want to have those mice as my best buddies

oh wouldn’t every girl want to have a fairy god mother πŸ™‚

I LOVE MY DISNEY CLASSICS .. they made my childhood so magical .. and it’s a legacy I would most defiantly past it on to my kids.


~ by maliha11 on August 17, 2007.

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