WHY aren’t we human?!!

I was just reading a blog about china that had this title ( the most favored Nation) i had to check it out, there was a link where it wrote if you want to learn more about the law of a one child rule in china click here and i did, i was sickened it made me feel so ashamed to be a girl, and so angry so to be looked down at for our gender, so what if we are girls and we wont carry on the family name, who cares, how pathetic!!! why should we considered a disappointment this entire social system is a complete disappointment!! a great one at that.

I mean what kind of a human being would agree on doing what they are doing to these poor little girls, putting a side the other crime of abortion only because they are carrying girls, this is so obnoxious. i mean i know i might seem very very outrageous at the moment, but its out of a lot of anger, its not only china, china basically just cuts them out of their family tree, take away their rights before they even have the strength to even take a breath, in other countries girls are still treated as if they are burdens.

In India it is still considered not that glorious to be having a girl in your house even if the family doesn’t mind, the community wouldn’t let you be in peace would start ranting about the amount of dowry you would have to pay for your daughters wedding and other stuff regarding that, it reminded me of that movie that i watched once with my parents that a family migrated from the village to the city to raise money for their daughters wedding(and they still hadn’t have found a man to get married to her yet) , despite the dowry, girls are always looked at as extra access wieght in the household it’s because of their own rules and traditions that they put on we have to suffer and then they blame us!!! how convenient!!
read the following article which was published on http://www.BBC.com

Thursday, 23 August, 2001, 21:18 GMT 22:18 UK

China’s unwanted girls


By Adam Brookes in Beijing
On the garbage dumps that surround Beijing, scavengers from time to time will find a newborn baby girl amid the stinking refuge.

Sometimes she is still alive.

Chen Rong makes her living from scavenging garbage, and over the years she has found five little girls on the tips. She brought them all home to her one-room brick shack and she and her husband try to give them a chance.

In China, couples are permitted one, at most two, children. Too frequently a girl is a disappointment.

Thrown away

Every year, say researchers, perhaps a million girl fetus are aborted and tens of thousands of girl babies are abandoned. “One baby died before we even got her home,” says Mrs Chen. “Another garbage scavenger had taken her clothes and then left her to die.

“I was the only one who would pick her up. I couldn’t bear to see her die.

“Parents shouldn’t throw away their children. This shouldn’t be happening.”

Community pressure

But Chinese society is throwing away its little girls at an astounding rate. For every 100 girls registered at birth, there are now 118 little boys – in other words, nearly one seventh of Chinese girl babies are going missing.

“Some of those girls are alive, they are just not registered,” says Professor Zhai Zhenwu, of Beijing’s People’s University. “Some are abandoned, but many are aborted when the parents find out the foetus is a girl.

“This is a huge problem for China. We already have about 20 million boys who will never be able to marry because there aren’t enough women.

“That number rises by 1.5 million every year.

“It will bring crime and prostitution. It will destabilize China.”

Jhiu Hongying is 19 and pregnant. The pressure on her to produce a boy is huge. Family and community demand it. A boy will bring status. He will continue the family line.

“Boys are the best, because they can work,” says the girl’s mother, Zhang Hongying. “They’re stronger.

“If my daughter has a son, everyone will celebrate.

“All the neighbors want her child to be a boy.”

At a Beijing temple, women come to pray that the foetus in their womb is that of a boy. Chinese tradition despises the girl child. This powerful cultural preference for sons is heightened by the one-child policy.

The result – millions of nameless baby girls in China are simply disappearing.

i wish these girls would have a better future and something big to look forward to beside a country full of resentment!!


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4 Responses to “WHY aren’t we human?!!”

  1. This is extremely sad, however, it doesn’t surprise me at all. The womens right movement of the early 1900’s in the United States was hard fought for, but unfortantly the Chinese government wont allow a similar revolution under their Communist rule.

  2. This a very grave situation, and can be attributed as the outcome of prevailing inequalities in the social and economical system. I wonder about the people who argument that a boy will be the name bearer of the family without thinking that there won’t be any family without a girl who is equally responsible for the continuation of human race. It is like disturbing the natural equilibrium of life. Men and women complement each other in every walk of life. Each has been bestowed with a different set of duties and obligations and would only work if they are synchronize with the other.

    Almost all of the south asian region has a similar attitude towards feminine rights though may not be as apparent at the same scale as in china.

  3. This makes me INCREDIBLY sad! When I think about my beautiful daughter, I cannot imagine anyone feeling anything but immense JOY in having a girl! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  4. huh! felt really sad to read all that!
    I mean i had a point of view tht chinese aren’t into these things at all…
    But since the erth is round and so so our thinking… some way or the other it related to the point ” a boy can earn ” duh!
    LooSerss they are…

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