upgrade .. love begins in the CaNtEeN .. with Ice Cream

I finished my dinner when I sat in front of the T.V because thats the only time I get to spend watching t.v i am either studying, or helping my mom with her reports, or doing my paintings. so i had an amazing meal of chicken makhani (butter chicken) with white rice and that is just YUUUUUUMMMMMY… anyways lets put food aside and talk business now.

I wanted to watch something interesting that would make me laugh a little make me just relax, i wasn’t really feeling like watching a movie or something something short quick and really funny unfortunetly nothing was on besides stupid and really lame indian drama’s that had more sound effects than actual words, and the words they say as dialogs make you want to scream and cry out of boredom , so that wasn’t very entertaining so i was going through many channels and suddenly i find a wall of ICE CREAM every where on the set, so that caught my attention it was Wall’s corennetto ice cream, and the show was called Canteen Kahani ( cafeteria story) the whole story starts in the canteen where this guy Sarmad a complete flirt sees a girl who takes his heart right out of the chest at the first sight and with the first bite of the ice cream she ate ๐Ÿ™‚ she was having flirtty strawberry i like that flavor.

anyways coming back to our point, Sarmad loses his control he wants to know who she is and no one really knows who she is so the call her “cornetto girl” s, very cute right wait there is more…

Hira .. she is not as ugly as this picture so donโ€™t freak out :) she is Hira .. the pic is ugly but she is pretty on the show ๐Ÿ™‚
sarmad.gif that is Sarmad a cute looking guy with tons of love for all girls.. till the right girl walks in the canteen …

the girl is nameless and the guy is officially brainless, so the plot is really funny, what really caught my attention was not only the cornetto ๐Ÿ˜› it was the character of the female who is Sarmad’s very good friend called Hira, she reminds me of me this is the description of Hira from how i see her: ( she is the Brains, pretty but doesn’t really care about how she really looks most of the time, has something to say about everything all the time and she is always right, you can’t win with her, she’ll beat you at your game and you’d be laughing while her winning) . before i know it the show was over because i was too busy thinking of what’s going to happen i didn’t pay attention to the rest of the show, so i looked very hard on the net trying to find something that would let me what it really is and it actually made me more interested in watching it, this is the official website http://www.canteenkahani.com so please do visit it and get hooked like me this wont waste your time there is no thing out of the ordinary about this show, and thats why i liked it, its very realistic this is how our lives are in our colleges full of fun and tons of weird things going on that make you laugh your heads off.

this show is about being with your friends, only having fun with them, and YES true love, college love, oh wonders have been written about young love!!! so lets see maybe this would make headlines too ๐Ÿ™‚ i can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

oh before i forget the show air’s on ARY digital every Monday @ 10:00pm


~ by maliha11 on August 29, 2007.

One Response to “upgrade .. love begins in the CaNtEeN .. with Ice Cream”

  1. Tu idher bhee …. I havent seen the drama yet but i am sure i wont be able to as well. last day at home going back to the hostels tomorrow and holy cow you and another girl with a nearly similar name i get confused, i was like your comment on her blog and hers on your at times… anyways i was planning to write about the Star Plus shit, thanks to this post it reminded me!

    Cheerio sis!

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