Love Stories … I LOVE YOU

I wrote in my last blog about this sitcom on ARY digital canteen kahani where this guy is looking for his true love after seeing her 3 or 4 times.

I love watching romantic movies although not most are very original these days, we look up to these ancient historical love stories and wish we could have a love affair like that:

  • Romeo and Juliet

the two young couple who feel in love and their families hated each other in Italy.

  • Cleopatra and Anthony

the last Pharaon of Egypt and the dashing Roman general.

  • Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal.

grieving emperor when built the Taj Mahal for his late wife.

  • Ablaa and Anter

a rich woman belonged to noble Arab tribe and a slave.

  • Abelard and HΓ©loise

a monk and a nun whose letters became famous.


and the list could go on … it seems like all famous love stories are always sad and never end with a happy event, which is very depressing and sad.

so i thought to pay tribute to all those love stories that are having Happy Life, our if you have witnessed a happy love story.. please list it down

I wanted to share a very inspiring story that I have witnessed (my mom and dad)

My father was studying to become a engineer way back in 1978 he was still a fresh man and he saw my mother who was still studying in school and he feel inlove with her because she is the prettiest person God has created, so is my dad he is one handsome man πŸ˜‰

anyways moving on … they met my mom never talked to him although he tries his very best then she suddenly disappears , he looked for her for about 3 months then he got to know her address, he went crazy he wanted her to be his wife, his forever he couldn’t stand some one else looking at her or even being around her, he wanted to make her his queen πŸ™‚ isn’t that sweet.

so, he gathered up some of his friends and his elder brother ( my late uncle and May he rest in peace) and he went to my moms house knocked on the door and waited till teh maid let them in, and called my grandmother (nanna) because my grandfather was living abroad, anyways my mom is Persian so my nanna was really against it because thats just not acceptiable in there family to get married to a non- persian ” i don’t know why though” she kicked him out of the house, and my dad was really depressed and my mom wasn’t to leave the house although she hadn’t done anything wrong!!! so, my dad was more determined than ever he was losing his mind he couldn’t see her, or hear her voice.

he went to my grandmother asking for her hand every Saturday, asking for her hand in marriage for about two years … in the end

on August 9th, 1980 My mom and dad were officially married πŸ™‚

and both completed there studies my dad becoming a chemical engineer and my mom gaining her Bachelors in Arts and her Masters in Economics.

and eight years later on January 1st 1988 Princess Maliha was born “thats me :P”

isn’t that the sweetest story ever. πŸ™‚

so, please share all that you can about your experiences or people you know who are living a happy love story or were living one πŸ™‚


~ by maliha11 on September 1, 2007.

9 Responses to “Love Stories … I LOVE YOU”

  1. Waaah kya baat hay,[:P] Pukhto dala darzee? Shimi Konne?[:P]

    Herez my story,………. chalo chhhoro kisee ko pata lag gya tu WATT lag jaye gee maireee!!!

    Cheerio, new campus is all rocks and concrete and labours though, lolz:P

  2. oh good..
    for the first time i have seen any one telling a love sotry about his/her parents.
    Any how… i think the author has some how emphasized on
    “eight years later on January 1st 1988 Princess Maliha was born β€œthats me :P” ”

    Which shouldnt be the part of tht story… :p
    so re-write it ..haha!

  3. oooh am sorry ahsan πŸ˜› thank you for finding the flaw in my post let me just say that i will correct it here πŸ™‚ HER highness her Glory her Majestiy PrinCeSS Maliha was born πŸ™‚
    is that better

  4. @ Khushal oh really is it noisy and stuff .. and am sure it looks like an earthquake just passed by πŸ˜›

  5. aaahaha!!!…
    but any how… you made a mistake …
    *hint* *hint*
    you should regret over what you wrote :p lolz!!
    instead of re-writing things…

  6. Its noisy and its fun;) btw still i manage to use internet with my VPTCL:P

    and nice story;) my one will not be as similar though~

  7. Sorry for the offtopic, but I just wanted to share a blog post with you by an American on a Pakistani blog.

    The address is:

    Yes Its the same old shameless promotion, but with a cause.


  8. I think this is sooo beautiful! Should be the next great romance novel~no? Only a GOOD and well-written one, like the ones from the masters.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have love stories about my parents. My family is riddled with divorce. After fourteen years though, my own love story with my darling is still being written. ~smile~

    (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  9. Yes I should write it down right πŸ™‚ my mom got really mad when i told her I wrote a blog about her and my dad πŸ˜‰ shez shy in that why lols .. thanx for dropping by

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