Me, Myself, and I

My name is Maliha Siddiqui, am yor average 18 year old I am a very open minded person who was always interested in what’s going on around me and always have something or the other to say about every thing and anything but i always got shushed my parents or teachers or friends, I am in my second year in University of Karachi, Pakistan. Am doing my Bachelors in Fine Arts.

I  love to paint and take pictures. I believe that to make a difference is by your words if you are an average person, and not a President of some country, so I think blogging would do the job for me.


8 Responses to “Me, Myself, and I”

  1. I thought you were the girl from Blogspot who commented few days back, anyways welcome to Blogging and thanks for the comment 🙂

    Stick to Blogging no matter how tough it gets to do so , cos the more it gets tougher the more you’ll end up liking it;) If you need any help i am here for help.

  2. Perhaps you might want to add a page dedicated for your comments only, to convey a message i always have to end up commenting somewhere;)

    You have some surprises in the coming post~ your queries will be answered but i am sure you won’t be much happy!~

  3. thanx for the tip will do that.. anyways i still cant wait for your next blog

  4. ACtually it will take thora sa time… we went to a great Place the other day all by fooot aur kasam say we were all dead bones but that place was just too awesome, unluckily i didn’t took the camera and we used cellphone cameras. Now mairay paass tu thaka sa Nokia 3310 hay:P but the pics are in ma friends handy and will get them when i go back to Peshawar, don’t want to post without pictures.

    P.S:There will be a bad news for all those who wish to go there next summer:P lolz

  5. Hey you are waiting for another love story on your blog???? I didn’t get you at all in the last commment~~~ MOM[:P] lolz~~~ you said you sounded like one believe me you were more than that[;)]

  6. I meant that when you commented on the my blog the one about love stories!!!! I wanted you to post a love story you have witnessed, add from your side!!!

  7. nice blog u have here MALIHA 🙂

  8. ahem ahem….
    kidhar ghaib hein app?

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